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Department of Computer Science

Raspberry Pi 4 Workstations

Under development. More info soon…

The Raspberry Pi 4 workstations connect a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single-board computer and two microcontrollers- a Raspberry Pi Pico and an Arduino UNO.

The Raspberry Pi 4 normally runs a read-only operating system loaded over the network. The “hackerspace” user is automatically logged in to a GNOME desktop. From here users can use the Thonny IDE to program the Pi Pico and the Arduino IDE to program the Arduino UNO.

Users can not alter the Pi 4’s configuration, but the Pi 4 can be booted from a user-supplied USB or SD card. The Raspberry Pi documentation on creating a bootable SD (or USB) is here:


  • Do NOT connect RPi4 or RP2040 pins to Arduino pins. The Arduino is 5 volt and will destroy the other boards!
  • Disconnect power before connecting anything to GPIO pins
    • Unplug the USB connection at the HUB for the RP2040 and Arduino
    • Use the switch on the power cable for the RPi4

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B