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Department of Computer Science

Electronics Workstation

This work area provides the tools and equipment to create and repair small electronic devices. Please read the individual manuals for the equipment if you are not familiar with how it works.

AOYUE 968A+ 4 in 1 Digital Hot Air Station

This soldering station provides both hot air and soldering iron tools.

Manual: aoyue-int968aplus.pdf

AOYUE Int 853A++ Programable Quarts Preheater

This device is used to heat up a populated printed circuit board prior to removing or replacing surface mount components. This is very helpful when the components pads are beneith the package and not exposed where a soldering iron tip can directly heat them.

Care should be taken to not heat any devices on the board above their maximum temperature limits.

Do not place flammable items on the heater!

Manual: Aoyue-853aplusplus.pdf

Chipquik Flux and Solder Paste

Two types of solder paste are available for surface mount work. A low temperature lead free bismuth paste and a normal tin/lead paste. A paste flux and a liquid flux pen are also available.

Please re-cap the flux and solder syringes after use and place all pieces in the original zip-lock bags.

See data sheets for more information:

Thermally Stable Solder Paste No-Clean Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4

Thermally Stable Solder Paste No-Clean Sn63/Pb37

Tack Flux No-Clean

Liquid Flux No-Clean