Rackserver Use policy

Rackserver Use Policy

  1. Rackservers will not be used for any purpose that contravenes the Rutgers and Computer Science acceptable use policy. Play nice.
  2. When you request one, you will be assigned one server (currently there are seven). You will be responible for what happens on that server (see above.) That includes people you give accounts to.
  3. You are responsible for the security of the system. Good passwords, software updates. Play smart.
  4. You can install whatever operating system you like, which I prefer to be a linux version. That's only for security reasons, really.
  5. When you set up your server, you must give me a login that allows me to become superuser (for instance, give me sudo privs), so I can halt the machine if it becomes unsafe on the network.
  6. You can get out to anywhere, but only machines at rutgers can get into the machines. You can set up a tunneling mechanism, but I'd like to know about it.
  7. You will NOT use these machines to contravene the acceptable use policies. That includes bittorrent, and other copyright violation mechanisms. Please do NOT use these machines to mine bitcoins.