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Hard work and electricity, and IT FLIES!. (The hard word all provided by the Robot Club folks.)


It pains me to do so, but I have had to instigate a hackerspace blacklist for people who borrow, break, and do not replace borrowed items. (You know, the, gosh-I'm-sorry-here-are-the-pieces-but-I'm-not-going-to-help-see-ya kind.)

New Arrivals!

7/28/2015: 2 Oculus Rift DK2's!

7/10/2015: 3 new pandaboards (since existing 2 have been seized by the robot guys). These are upgunned raspberry pis -- similar to the (now) Raspberry Pi 2's, but with an onboard wireless device.

7/7/2015: Theremin!

Two Makey Makey kits for making, well, anything into an input device.

Potentiometers (not very exciting, unless you're one of the robot club.)

New print-queue for the 3d printer, by Biggie.

7/1/2015: NVIDIA "Jetson" development kit. Sort of a super-pi with a 192-core Kepler GPU.

6/26/2015: 3dConnexion Wireless "Space Mouse" - a "3d mouse", handy for 3d model-making, navigation, or gaming.


We've moved things around a bit, and declared each table or area as a specific 'theme'. That doesn't mean you don't have to do just that discipline there, but that's where - if you're interested in one of the below areas - you'll find them.

  • Robotics: The Robotics Shop (talk to the Robotics Club before you mess with this stuff)
  • Network Security: The Pit. A separate network where you can indulge your network-attack desires.
  • Electronics: The Hall of Gizmotics holds a variety of build-your-own-fiendish devices things.
  • Fliers: The Amarel Airfield (named for Dr. Saul Amarel, founder of the Department of Computer Science, and one of the early giants of artificial intelligence) hosts our various flying things.
  • 3-D stuff: 3-D printing, scanning and display
  • Alternative Input Devices: ways other than keyboards and mice to interact with a computer.

We've also added some additional shelving and storage so things are easier to find.

New Arrivals!

6/23/2015: New (replacement) makerbot -- a mini, this time.

Mechanism for submitting 3-d prints to hackerspace personell (so you don't have to sit and watch it.)

Makerbot Scanner

Chromebook 3

Surface 3 Tablet

Windows 10 pre-release

Raspberry Pi-2's (faster, more USB, better graphics)

Hummingboard (a souped-up raspberry pi)

Drum set, keyboard, switcher, microphones

Sony Playstation camera (turns out that Kinect's are being closed-down by Microsoft; you can't use them for much more than x-box's, at least for now. Here's Sony's competitor

2/5/2015: new wacom tablet to replace the mysteriously broken one.

heat gun for repairing mobile devices.

motor speed controllers (2)

new guitar cables! and various other usb-y wires.

2/3/2015: robot 'competition area' tiles for, uh, competition areas

2/2/2015:Windows 10 tech preview installed on one of our machines (over on the security table)

previously: 15 4wd robot chasis, with arduinos, Pi B+'s, jaws, cameras, ultrasonic sensors and a raft of batteries for the (very) successful robot contest in October.

parts are still dribbling in for the Octocopter, which can be seen in its partially-built state in the hackerspace. Parts of it (notably the lidar system) have wound up in other devices, until the motors arrive.

new desktops now installed. They dual boot linux and windows7

the new makerbot (which only prints in PLA, not with ABS) is now active, along with a new, faster desktop.

6/28/2014: Arrived: MPU-9150 9-axis motion tracking device (for raspberry pi or arduino)

10 bluetooth USB adaptors (for the Anki systems)

New Arrivals!

5/30/2014: DONATED: Precision screwdriver kit (thanks Lars!)
6/02/2014: four tubes of Gorilla Glue (surprisingly useful, especially for repairing 3d-printed items that break.)
2 new AR Drone batteries
1 new Textrix (12v) battery
2*8G SDHC Cards, 2*16G SDHC Cards, 2*32G SDHC Cards. Turns out you can never have enough.
2*Parallax Arduino Robotics Shield Kit -- essentially a BOE-BOT mobile robot kit that can be controlled by by an Arduino.
4*addicore 2.4GHz wireless transcievers for Arduinos 1* jeweler's screwdriver/plier kit 2* USB-to-5v adaptors (a student built one from hackerspace bits to power a 5v device from an arduino. It was so useful we bought some.)
5* 6' mini-din audio cables to replace the not-as-long-and-thus-bent-badly cables we have now.
5 Dell 9020's to replace the less-than-sterling workstation machines.


A new Makerbot Replicator to upgrade the one we've beaten to death! This one will be "ABS", while the old one will be "Nylon" filament.

New Arrivals!

5/23/2014: A mini-Theremin, complete with a picture of Dr. Theremin on the cover and lots of Japanese characters as well. If you don't know what a Theremin is, look it up. Dr Theremin was a hacker of high order -- tasked to make a proximity alarm, he invented instead a musical instrument!
four half-size breadboards
1m digital rgb LED strip
5v 2a switching power supply (to barrel connector)
Stainless Medium Conductive wire
2* XBee Module - Series 1
3* 5v 1A USB port power supply bricks
5v 10a power supply
2* Female DC Power adapter - 2.1mm jack to screw terminal block
Flora wearable GPS
Ultimate GPS v3.1 #746 breakout
Flora wearable electronic platform
2 * 9v battery pack to 9v
Flora Litium Ion battery
4-pin JST SM plug and receptacle
in-line power wire connector (1 male, 1 female)
2 * 10 amp (capacity, 2a feed), 5v power batteries

New Arrivals!

4/17/2014: Puzzlebox Orbit mind-controlled helicopter
Wii Controller
Wii IR Reader
USB Bluetooth dongle

New Arrivals!

3/26/2014: Raspberry Pi Camera (replacement for a class project)
2 more raspberry pis.
a set of headphones for the garageband setup worthy of the name.
A proper "gaming mouse" for the graphics/occulus machine.

New Arrivals!

3/20/2014: Lego Mindstorms NXT Brick
5 pairs IR LED and Receiver
Raspberry Pi camera mount (though both our pi cameras are on loan to student projects at the moment)
(donated) USB "Internet Power Phone" - remember when VOIP first came out and there were these USB phones handsets to use like, well, a phone? Here's one.
(donated - thanks to Dr. Ole Weidner) a couple of parts drawers to help organze things. Thanks Dr. Weidner!

New Arrivals!

3/14/2014: 3 additional Raspberry Pis
Thanks to Ginger for doing all the work...
Google Glass! (one each :-)

New Arrivals!

2/28/2014: 3 additional USB Wireless (802.11b/g/n) plugs Samsung NFC Tags (5 pack - for a student project)
Celluon Epic mobile projection keyboard
2 Altera Cyclone GA mini development board
2 Arduino Uno "Ultimate Starter Kit" (very like the "Sparkfun Inventors Kit", but about half the price)
2 additional CanaKit Raspberry Pi "Ultimate Starter Kit"
more AA batteries (never can have enough...)
12 microtivity 6x6mm switches (student project)
humble pi kit for raspberry pi (addon breadboard board)
16G micro sd card -- replacement for the LIC Ego camera
3 3.5mm to 1/4inch cables (for guitars, drums, and the like)
USB external CD/DVD reader-burner
IR LED Kit (100 LED's plus resistors)
Lego Mindstorms EV3 (New version of the Minstorm NXT)
4 HDMI Cables. Can't have enough -- it turns out.


12/12: ARRIVED (over the past week or so) 10 Raspberry Pi kits -- with breadboards and wires and such for hardware frummery. Yes, that's right, frummery.
Wacom Bamboo bitpad. For the artist in you.
Homebrew PC -- basically a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 with a PC wrapped around it -- though its an I7 processor with 16G of memory. It's intended to run the Occulus Rift and the NextEngine with enough graphic power and cpu power to do the job. Or whatever other jobs you wanna try.

DEAD: hs-work1

DEAD: hs-work1 seems to have lost its disk, and is unavailable. The Homebrew (mentioned above) will take its spot until something comes along to replace it. UPDATE: Homebrew machine running, dualboooting windows7 and ubuntu linux. hs-work1 lives again!


10/22: ARRIVE: REI HDMI (powered) splitter. Hey, you never know... INSTALLED: KALI (Backtrack-6) on the network attack machine. check out INSTALLED: KALI (Backtrack-6) on a SDHC chip for raspberry pis. the kali-ness of the chip is on a masking-tape label on it.


10/18: ARRIVED - Raspberry Pi Camera board ARRIVED - 3 Arduino motor shield kits ARRIVED - LEAPMOTION 3-d motion sensor ARRIVED - 2 ATmega32u4 Breakout boards (for Arduino)

10/6: loaned out Google Nexus

10/6: loaned out Google Nexus to grad student doing... something. Other Nexus returned by Dr. Imielinski's group, so we have one working in the cabinet. Installed chrome on all workstations at user's request.

9/28: loaned out the ardrone

9/28: loaned out the ardrone to a CBIM researcher for motor tests (that is, he wants to see if the ardrone 2 motors have sufficient lift for... whatever it is he wants to do.


9/27: the laptop mac now includes the latest version of the makerbot software ("makerware"), IOS development system, and NAO "choreographe" runner.

9/24: added to music mac

9/24: added to music mac - a collection of inspirational videos to get your music moving -- everything from Gershwin to Kenton to Copeland to the Blue Oyster Cult. Check the itunes playlist "inspiration". (All videos collected from youtube. You know how to do that, right?)


9/20: the Occulus Rift is now moved to a (loaned) machine with a videocard worthy of the name. The general hackerspace computers are a little *too* general for this usage...

8/23: Arrived: Two Google Chromecast

8/23: Arrived: Two Google Chromecast HDMI-wireless gizmos to make your TV a wirelessly-controlled (and content-fed) device. Pretty nice; easy setup. (One now on loan to LCSR for videoconferencing testing.)

8/23: UPDATED: The Occulsu Rift

8/23: UPDATED: The Occulsu Rift now has 3 demos to show off its capabilities. Two are architectural (walk around a 3d representation of an italian villa or an urban apartment), and one gonzo (plummet from a floating platform past floating rocks to your doom.)