The Music Pit

Hacking isn't just about computers. Its about curiosity, learning, and moving borders. What, you don't like music? - cwm

It started with an Ibanez electric guitar (Alex's, as I recall). It was brought in for repairs to the pickups, and proved quite popular. It soon grew companions -- a junky 'Fame' bass, and a MIDI Casio keyboard. When the Ibanez finally left, I managed to pry my old Fender Telecaster (with the custom-fitted deluxe neck on a standard telecaster body, thank you very much) away from another staff member, and it just grew from there.

Add in some extra hardware and you can now record your own music. This isn't particularly intended as a complete music studio, but it is a good show-off of what's possible these days. And you can use it as an incomplete music studio. Or bring your own stuff in and plug it into our stuff.