Makerbot 3d printer

A Makerbot 3-D Replicator printer is in the Hackerspace to make items from plastic filament.

Makerbot Making Samples:
Print a King(or here with a more classical soundtrack.)
Castles -- two at once! or with another soundtrack
Cams designed by a madman
Pawns -- two at once as well
A Rutgers Coaster.

Such a printer will allow not only the actualization of 3d graphical objects, but the manufacture of one-of-a-kind objects needed for projects. Both printers use STL ("STereoLithography") format 3-d models as input.

Want to Print? Send us the STL!

Thanks to Biggie's cleverness, you can submit an STL (or .thing) file to the hackerspace, and we'll print it for you. Note that the printer is a "Makerbot Mini" (so things can't be too huge). Also note that the usual rules about printing still apply. No gun parts; no devices of an, um, anatomically correct nature for erotic purposes.

The hackerspace makerbot is available to any Rutgers student/faculty/staff, but ONLY to those people. Sorry.

Print Request