Just kidding about iBanjos

The Macbook Pro in the hackerspace has MacOS 10.9.1 on it, plus the XCode and IOS SDK's. The iPhone in the hackerspace has been upgraded to IOS 7, and has been 'jailbroken' to allow development -- though the sdk comes with a simulator as a utilty, holding your fantastic, bejeweled, salesworthy, wonderous, moneymaking, the-next-version-will-fix-that app on a phone is pretty cool. (Note that the 'phone' part is disabled, so no calling Tanzania is not possible. Well, except with Skype.)

The iTunes on the machine has been loaded with podcasts from apple of development how-tos and what-the-hecks. You are invited to peruse them and also the documentation mentioned below. The user on the machine, 'ru-ios@cs.rutgers.edu, is a registered apple developer. If you get to a point where the usual 'hackerspace' user is not enough, ask a HackerSpace employee to log you in as the 'ru-ios' user.

List of podcasts on the macbook
Getting Started with iPhone Web Applications
Using Advanced Web Technologies on iPhone
In-House Development for iPhone
Building and Optimizing Websites for iOS
Game Center Essentials
In App Purchase and Notification Essentials
Ingredients of Great Apps
iPhone and iPad User Interface Design
Optimizing App Performance with Instruments
Providing Context
Tuning OpenGL ES Games
Understanding iOS View Compositing
Working with Video in iOS
Adopting In-App Purchase in Your iOS App
Adopting iCloud Storage - Part 1
Adopting iCloud Storage - Part 2
All About AirPlay
Harnessing OpenGL ES and GLKit
Ingredients of Great Apps
Maximizing Location Awareness on iOS
Modern Tools and Techniques for iOS App Development
Modernizing Your App Architecture with UIKit
Newsstand Apps from Start to Finish
Taking Advantage of Automatic Reference Counting
Turn-Based Gaming with Game Center
Understanding AV Foundation
Using Core Image on iOS
Your iOS App Performance Hitlist
iPhone and iPad User Interface Design