Meet Mongo, the DCS Aldebaran NAO

The NAO is a highly functional, self-balancing robot with cameras, speakers, touch sensors, motion sensors, and ranging sensors to give a good testbed for humanoid robot control. How good? Here's Mongo getting up from the floor. This might seem to be a 'cooked' demo, but the control program is a generic "stand up" program that figures out from any position how to reach a standing position. (If the robot is already in that position, it doesn't do anything.) It is programmable via C++, Python, Java, .NET, matlab, or via its "Choreographie" drag and drop (where the dragged items can be created by you or modified -- you get access to the underlying code.)

Play the video

The second half of the video is Mongo doing a series of poses that emulate a tai-chi exercise (this particular program comes from Aldebaran).


As part of a demo of a "web avatar", Mongo appeared as, well, a web avatar.