(all of the programming directories for this can be found in /usr/local/bioloid)

Build Plans! -- to give you ideas. 'motion' and 'task' files for these can be found at the Robotis web site

PDF of plans picture of completed
Plans for the 'A', 'B' and 'C'
humanoid robots (from the back of the manual.)
An older bioloid humanoid
Short, squat, humanoid 'battledroid'
Biped (basically a control unit with two legs)
Dinosaur (sort of a mecha-godzilla thing)
Steam-shovelly thing
A 'fawn' (hey, that's what it says)
Another Walker
Rolling Robot with a claw
Robot Arm
Robot Flower (who makes up these names?)
Attacking Duck
Clapping Crab
Crocodile Mouth
Crossing gate
Distance Level Meter
King spider
Line tracer
Pan Tilt platform
(as in for a camera)
Parking gate
Puppy (looks more
like a horse to me)
Smart car
Universal guage
Walking droid (stumpy)

Programming environmentFor using the Zigbee wireless device to control the robot can be found in this (giant)zip file (we have this device with our robot parts)