Electronic Devices and Parts and Magical Things

  • We have many sensors and arduino addons and leds and things in our bits box

  • More building blocks -- the blocks the above blocks get built on to make blocks on which to build. (Still with me?)

  • We have electronic bits (that we can't think of a better name for) in abundance -- here's the bits box

  • Here's a list of the electronic building blocks we can provide for your fiendish devices.

  • And other things as well in the sort of general fiendish devices category.

  • Storage devices are available for use IN THE LAB. You are, of course, free to bring your own. For work with the Pi's and the Pandas, you are encouraged to do so, so you can save your evironment by just taking your SD card with you.

  • Wires, wires, wires!. Here's a list of what power, connection, and adaptor stuff we have as of January 14, 2013.